Saturday, 28 December 2013


My ideas about  ideal surface classroom for the future
This is a video I designed to explain that E- tablets system  has transformed the four wall classroom that we use as space for teaching and learning into anything.
With electronic gadgets we do not need ideal surface classroom. We only need passion, love of work, empathy ,gadgets and skills. I have given examples using four different space that can be used.

1. Under the tree
2. In Jail
3. On sickbed
4.Rural and impoverished  families/backgrounds and many more. There is no limitation to education if we talk about using electronic gadgets. Distance is not a barrier. The gadgets tools can be used to bridge the gap between the elite and the poor learners. Refer to C.S Lewis "The task of the modern educators is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate the deserts" Its time to irrigates deserts to germinate seeds that are planted there.
Play the movie and enjoy the melody
Phuti Ragophala(Principal from South Africa)

I think in future

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