Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My blog post about sway.com

How I used sway.com to drive and publish my learning activities that are project based.

Teaching and learning that is driven by technology is always inspiring. Every day I learn a lot of innovative ways to drive my lessons and make my teaching and learning message well conveyed to learners. From one of the webinars that I attended on line ,I learnt how sway can be used to present the learning activity as compared to power point.

Ever since I learnt about it, my sway post have been over flowing in my face book and other groups like Microsoft partners for learning  time line.

This is how I used it in my learning activities:

Step 1

I logged on sway.com, sign in and start creating my sways


I create it either by using media or uploaded information .I click on media, choose some of the work in want to  put on sway and create. I then click remix to choose from different and exiting  layout .

Step 3

I then share it with colleques either on facebook, twitter or any other social media


You can also sway video, songs or poems


In my learning activities I put all my information about my projects on sway.

e.g my presentations, videos, poems, various resources like window movie maker, animation, stick sorter, songs smith, mouse mischief and auto collage etc

to view my sway get to

In conclusion, teaching and learning has changed. Learners enjoy doing work summary using Microsoft resources like window movie maker or animation. They enjoy creating songs about their lessons, they love learning poems on U tubes, they get more inspired talking to people  outside their world through skype, They get fulfilled collaborating their lessons with their peers using social media, they want to take their learning outside beyond the classroom. They create knowledge and not absorb it in order to reproduce it during examination or assessment time.

Why can’t we drive  curriculum with technology resources to improve, rejuvenate and enhance quality teaching. We are teaching a mobile generation that is competent in using the Technology resources.

Its time to transform our way of teaching. We need to move with the tide, other wise we will find ourselves out of the ocean being flown away by the tide! Time and tide wait for no one!






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