Thursday 31 January 2019

Think tyre! Think green project

This is the summary of my project that i entered 2019.
1.Think tyre! Think green project!
2.Phuti Training and Motivational Speaking project
5 SDG1 ,SDG 2,SDG3, SDG4 ,SDG5 and  SDG 16
6- What is the aim of this project?
The aim of this project is to re-orientate community children’s minds that tyres can be repurposed for good thing than gruesome killing of people. We usually see TV screens during news that people are being burnt to death through this method called” Necklacing”. It happened in the old dispensation before democracy but even post democratic era we still see these gruesome killings of people mostly women . I thought to starting vegetable garden project using tyres to produce own food that will benefit  community members.
     -Who is targeted/impacted by your work and where? 
My targets are community children because they are our future leaders. If we do not educate them about values and morals they will grow up thinking that using tyres to kill is the way to go. That’s why I took it upon myself to start the project in my yard and engage community children. By so doing I am making them to be the solution seekers of challenges that affect their community and  country as a whole.
  - Who is involved and how are they involved?  
Community children are involved by taking part in planting in the tyres, watering, harvesting and acquiring the farming skills.
  -When and how did the project start? 
The project started in 2016 after I retired as a school principal . I realised that on Saturdays community children are loitering in streets as such I wanted to engage their minds through good education. Check the link:

  -How do you do it?   
As I explained I used tyres, soil and seedlings to start tyre garden and name it Think tyre! Think green garden. The link of power point slideshare:

 -How is your initiative innovative?    
The initiative is innovative in such that tyres are only used on cars but I used them in my backyard to plant vegetables. I gave them a new meaning
 -How is it transformative?    
Its transformative because community chidren’s minds are no longer the same as before we started. Now they can distinguish between good and bad. Very empathetic and loving
 -What has been the impact?
The impact is community children and some members harvesting every two weeks made me realise the positive impact about this tyre garden. MEC status Here is the link summary of the project:
Radio 2000 And link of interview about the project:

7. Think tyre!Think green project is aiming at re-orientating  minds of community children on how to repurpose tyres to produce own food than being used to gruesomely burning people to death & polluting air.
8.Phuti Training and Motivational Speaking project started in 2016 after I retired from department of education as school principal. Infact I just changed my work scenery from traditional classroom teaching to online after realising the digital gap amongst the community children as compared to urban. I facilitate three projects from home: Online Reading using skype , Teaching with Technology and tyre gardening. I created a space in my home for community children converge every Saturday to learn, share skills and collaborate with global learners through skype. Here is video link  to explain:
9. The projects is based in my house in 2715 Zone 2 Seshego Polokwane South Africa
10.Individual(Phuti and Peter Ragophala) couple
11.Here is the link for the video:

12.I did not participated because I was ill-healthy
Social media links about my projects


13 How the project fits in the category of this award(Mobilizer)
This project is relevant under category of mobilizer. After I spotted the challenge of people using tyres to burn people on media and polluting air I did not just folded my arms. I  talked to this challenge by mobilising community children and share with them. I came up with a plan of using tyres to start greening vegetable project in the backyard. They collected tyres and  soil,manure, planted seedlings and transplanted to tyres. Every Saturday they maintain the garden by watering, taking out weeds,repelling the insects by using herbs until harvest time where they share the products.We were together addressing this challenge
14.How innovative/ is your project doing things in a new way?
Normally tyres are being used on car wheels. I opted to use them to create food gardens to produce own food. As such I gave them new meaning as compared to being used to car wheels. That’s innovative.
-​Is this the first time this has been done this way.Well I would not know but around where I am staying many people learnt from me and some even started their own tyre gardening. I have two community members who started that.They even poste me to say we are with you in this initiative. Their social media statuses  are:
 -Does it offer a whole new way to address a problem?
I would say yes because through this project many of community members started to realise the benefits of using tyres to create food gardens. And lesson learnt  that  a problem is solve by solution not by revenge. The former late President Dr Nelson Mandela taught us about reconciliation. Its for us community builders to continue teaching children that problems are solved by projects not protests and killings.
 -Does it reach 'outside of the typical bubble' to influence new/different stakeholders
Yes. Up to so far this project has reached many viewers. I uploaded it on my Microsoft Educator Community and been viewed by more that 900 viewers and replicated by five.  This is the link of the content lesson I shared on line:

15.How do I measure the impact:
-How many people have participated/been impacted by your work, and how?
More than 100 people participated both online and face to face. Most of my community members are benefiting from this project.
-They harvest vegetable during harvest time,,
- community children acquire farming skills at an early age,
-Community children even learnt on how to process some of the vegetables for medicinal purposes through this tyre garden
-at least five people that I know of replicated the projects
-Pensioners do come and harvest
-My cleaner also harvest every two weeks to take home . All these is for free.
 -Is there a lasting impact?
Yes. The fact that community children’s minds has changed to doing positive things with these tyres made me believe that this impact will last for good. They are so empathetic, loving and caring. Those values and morals are instilled for good.
16.How is our project shifting boundaries? or contribute to lasting changes?
 -Is your project breaking down silos?

 -Does it have a tangible effect on people's lives?
Tangible effects are  that community children have something to take home as food. My house cleaners also have something to add to her family menu. Pensioners are also benefiting by harvesting green vegetable. Through this project many community children are aspired to become future farmers. Many community children learnt the importance of being a producer that a consumer. As such they gained confidence that they can supply food at home done form their hands.
 -Does it change the way things are done?
Oh yes. Even if the changes might not be noticed quickly but gradually changes are there. Community learners are now positive thinkers, full of innovative ideas, collaborate with other global learners about the project and they are quick to notice challenges in their community and quickly suggesting solutions. They also realised that relying on food parcels and handouts from government is a waste of time. They can feed themselves.
-Does it offer potential legacy/sustained change?
Yes the project is sustainable in a sense that other community members were able to replicate it. Its not costly, it saves water because you water once a week. Yes it offers potential legacy as such.
 -Does it reach those generally left behind?
Yes it does. It covers every one because its simple to start, maintain, sustain, replicate and to be practicable.
 -Can it be replicated in other sectors/regions?
Yes. Weather you have enough water or not, you may start it because the maintenance  is cheap. You water it once a week. You can also use grey water to water it.The tyre is capable of holding the moist down the ground as compare to the ground itself.
-Is it scalable to different contexts
Yes its scalable. As I have mentioned that its practicable and replicated anywhere else.

17. I know there are powerful and innovative  people who presented innovative projects and I respect them whole heartedly. But I believe that my  initiative also deserve an award based on the following points:
·         The fact that for more than 30 years as a teacher and principal I have been engaged on incorporating SDG’s in teaching and learning. Check school website where I was a principal:
·         Now I retired and I still advocate  the use of SDG’s looking at SDG1 in teaching and learning even outside borders  to children refugee war camps in Kenya under KAKUMA project led by Koen Timmers from Belgium. Check the link of the presentation:
·         The fact that I am an online teacher and community builder who supports SDG’ objectives and  incorporate them into teaching and learning afford me a chance to win
·         I am a Varkey Teacher Ambassador whose task is to advocate SDG’s objectives and encourage other educators to do the same put me closer to the award
·         The fact that I have been named “Change Maker in Education” based on using SDG’s objectives in teaching and learning make me a possible award winner
·         The fact that my project used cheap available resources that can be accessed by anyone makes me believe that I am on track.
·         I posted online and on social media lot of my SDG projects: #SDG4 #SDG1 #SDG 3 #SDG16 #SDG5 etc. I also hachtagged several times about SDG’s. Check the link of my facebook:
·         On the 23rd February 2019 im invited by Kamla Nehru Public School in Phagwara New Delhi to attend an international conference based on the theme ”EDUCATION, CORPORATES  OF SDG’s-BUILDING COMMUNITY TOGETHER”. Attached find a link of the invitation:
·         If I can win this project will never be the same again because it will be upgraded and scalable to cater many.
·         18 Supporting information:
·         The following are the links of my projects as a whole from being a teacher, school, principal and now community builder:
My MEC status international profile:
My achievements:

·         My CV
·         Media Articles about my projects
·         Radio 2000 interview about my projects:
My website: Blog post:

3Global teacher prize
4.Presentation in the conference about digital teaching
5. Million teacher prize
6.Microsoft Innovative Educator
7.ISPA super teacher
8. Technology award
9. Technology award
10 speaker during technology conference

Interview in Dubai
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